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Anatomy Of The Bud

There are two main types of cannabis, that are paired with general “expectations” on how the plant may effect you.


Indica is a Latin word which means India. It is named this way because the species was discovered in United India in 1784.


  • Sleepy

  • Mellow

  • Calm


  • Wide & Broad Leaves

  • Darker Colour

  • Bushier More Dense

  • Shorter Than Sativa

  • Grows Up to Two Meters


is a Latin word that means cultivated. Sativa has been harvested by humans for centuries

for its flowers, seeds, and fibre.


  • Stimulating

  • Socialable

  • Cheerful


  • Narrow, Longer Leaves

  • Lighter Colour

  • Airy Less Dense

  • Taller than Indica

  • Grows up to 6 Meters

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