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Family owned, locally operated, and pet friendly!

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Traditional Flower Products, but only the highest quality and we get you the best price.

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Our "Munchies"

Shop our collection of 'Munchies', as we like to say, it's all in the name!

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We host a large selection of concentrate products, check out our selection here.

Shop by Purpose



THC Dominant

Traditionally Sativa dominant strains, with tons of THC and minimal CBD to get you fired up and ready to go.



THC Dominant

Hybrid strains, fairly equal in levels of Indica and Sativa with effects that offer the "best of both worlds".



CBD Dominant

CBD focused, or very minimal THC, to help you simmer down after a long days work or to encourage relaxation.



THC Dominant

Indica dominant strains with minimal CBD, to get you properly baked, perfect for before bed or a movie.

Why Munchies?

Independent, family-owned cannabis retailer.

We are an independent, family-owned cannabis retailer in the heart of Ottawa. As a family of entrepreneurs with deep roots in the community and a passion for cannabis, we’re committed to three things; bringing the best legal products, providing the best education and creating a fun, friendly and positive environment for people from all walks of life.


What Is Cannabis?

We know what were talking about - only picking up the best strains and products for your needs. Our selection is curated to include the best of the best for Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and CBD style products to suit you.

Love this place. Always a great selection of quality flowers. They have some very knowledgeable staff that make great suggestions for your needs. It’s a family run business and the whole family is very friendly.

There is a clean and informative atmosphere with a hip vibe and a relatable solid customer service. They also listen to customers and update the experience where needed while keeping what works consistent.

Sharif "Shogi" Sourour

Have been twice so far, gentleman at the counter is very knowledgeable and welcoming. The décor of the location is fresh and bright, a welcoming feeling! There’s great selection, creative discounts, and great prices. My new regular dispensary!

Colin Sweeny

The quality and variety of the products is just stellar - I am very happy with my purchases. Prices are fantastic as well. The decor and ambience of the place is all fun, colourful, bright and welcoming - you feel good in there. The staff is absolutely THE best - they are such kind and happy people - you love to see it! I live in Orleans and this will be my go-to from now on!! :)

Chris Michael

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